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"When I write books I create a world for my readers to get lost in. I hope you enjoy reading Compound as much as I enjoyed writing it. Here's to getting lost in a book and never wanting to put it down."

-Angeline Amefia

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Angeline Amefia was born and raised in Maryland, where her love for books began with her mother's storytelling at bedtime. She spent many of her childhood years either outdoors with wild friends or in the room she shared with her sister, lost in a story. Her passion for writing began soon after, from silly comics to short stories and finally, to intense fiction novels. Years in the making, Compound is Angeline's debut novel. Learn more about her at or follow her Instagram @angelineamefia. 


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Best Selling Author

In Nova, different is dangerous. And dangerous is dead.


Newest Release: Compound

"Compound" is a dystopian fiction novel that follows the story of Ashlyn Fletcher as she navigates her way through difficult oppressions in the state of Nova. Whether it be the State Leaders that rule Nova, or her mother who rules the family, she is left to cower under both tyrannies without hope of ever escaping. That is, until a sudden loss finally grants Ashlyn her freedom. What she doesn't know is that a deeper threat lurks in the shadows. As time runs out and the lives of her loved ones are threatened, Ashlyn must make the ultimate sacrifice to save them.

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